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IT’S TIME, ARE YOU READY? The World Awaits – Let’s Show Them What We’ve Got!. The Archipelago Online Trading Company would like to present the region’s first, “That’s right, the first!...” multi-link eCommerce platform: eCaribbeanonline.com.  An online marketplace where users can enjoy the experience of instantaneous shopping, online advertising and the ability to develop storefronts specifically designed to showcase local products and services, all this while fostering the development of small businesses to enable local buying and global selling. We are so excited and we just can’t hide it, our team comes to work every day because we want to solve the region’s biggest problem: Trade, within, and throughout, the Caribbean…and from the Caribbean to the world!

How do we intend to do this? Here’s how!

Due to the diverse ethnic make-up coupled with the cultural differences of such amazing people throughout the various islands that comprise Caricom and the Caribbean region, our multilink platform is designed to sell within the Caribbean and from the Caribbean to the world. In other words we are the “Amazon of the Caribbean.” What is our  brand message? “Buy Local, Sell Global”. This is the premise on which the platform was built, integrating elements of EBay, Craig’s list, Amazon and Alibaba, to create a hybrid space for the public, small businesses, service stores and ecommerce sellers to showcase their offering to the world.

Our model is set to revolutionize the way local and regional buyers and sellers trade in an online marketplace and celebrates the notion that visitors should first buy local, within their island, then inter-island with an opportunity to showcase local/regional products to be sold globally. In short, a Caribbean online store. The intention is to provide a platform to foster entrepreneur-ism and small businesses by allowing unrestricted information on the products and services that are available for sale by individuals and companies thereby reducing strain on FOREX.

Our eCommerce platform comprises four categories: (i) Resident or Individual posting; (ii) Classifieds or Business posting; (iii) Service front (ranking of and quotation of services) and (iv) Marketplace (buying and selling of products inclusive of delivery). We know what our buyers and sellers want and need, and guess what, we intend to give them just that!

Our main focus is now and will remain direct marketing and sales. Why? because it’s the only way to ensure that our buyers know what is available and our sellers can give them exactly what they need, the way they want it.

So! We already know that the world is waiting, will you join us in showing them what you’ve got?

Let's help get you started!

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To provide a platform through which buyers and sellers can trade goods and services profitably, while providing the highest level of service, efficiency and innovation

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To be the No 1 online market place for the Caribbean, promoting and fostering trade within the region and to the world

Many Islands - One Caribbean

Last Updated : Friday 02 August 2019
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